Hilbert Curve


If we examine the structure of a human, the overriding conceptual designs we see are variations on the fractal theme, as with the rest of nature. DNA is packed according to a fractal pattern that is called a Hilbert curve. The brain appears to be woven with a Hilbert curve as well. The lungs are fractal. Blood vessels are fractal. Neurons are fractal. Every organ has a fractal pattern.

Each cell in your body contains the entire DNA helix – any cell in your body could create your entire self. We all also contain the same set of emotional responses. This is why there are universal principles, why art works, why music works. These hard coded responses are replicated in each human, it is only our environments and responses to them which differentiate us in almost all cases.

This is also fractal, an infinitely repeating emotional structure.

Presently we are able to reverse cellular differentiation – we can take an adult cell and turn it back into a cell that can become any other type of cell – revert it to its potential – pluripotent – state. This is the way we presently grow organoids for research.

I am therefore, as information, any woman. You are any and every woman or man.

At any and every moment we must have access, somewhere, to the source codes that produce these fractals (us) – because the fractal patterns that describe nature are always continuous. This must be the nature of us, since it appears to be a law of the natural world. If we are fractal, which we clearly are, then not only can each cell become any other cell, each of us could become any other human – if we were reversed to pluripotency (as an organism vs. just one cell), we could develop into any version of human that exists.


IMG_7353IMG_7323IMG_7303IMG_7296IMG_7284Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.31.17 PM

The Human Genome in 3 Dimensions



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