PhaseShift project at Parachute Market

The first incarnation of PhaseShift added multiple dimensions to the art and design market in DTLA. This seasons theme at Parachute Market  was exploring the concept Alone/Together.  (s) explored the concept from a quantum physics angle, delving into the nature of quantum reality, providing a lens through which the concept “alone” no longer seems to exist.

The project consisted of three explorations of current quantum physical concepts – quantum consciousness (performances Cleave, and The Together Entanglement), quantum biology and biofields (The Cut Leaf, and Hilbert Curve), and quantum entanglement (Hilbert Curve, and The Together Entanglement).

Each aspect of these quantum phenomena was explored through an art medium – performance, sculpture, sound, image – and current research articles and selected popular science articles were woven through the installation.

The space between art and science seems to shrink the more we understand about the universe.  As we start to grasp concepts like the fact that matter is actually a very uncertain proposition – it can be a particle or a wave –  or that particles can “communicate” instantaneously across vast distances we start to see that the reality we created for ease of understanding is not the final answer.   Most of the rules of the universe are actually uncertain, and exploring these questions looks and feels increasingly more like artistic exploration rather than hard science.





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